4 Ways to Leverage Your End-of-Year Budget

Oct 18, 2022

End-of-year budgets are vital to control, especially during seasonal demands. However, cutting expenses without compromising accuracy and efficiency can be difficult. If your business decides to cut costs on mobility solutions, it could reduce operational efficiency and prevent flexibility. The right way to leverage a budget should be to find cost-effective solutions that help decision-makers control operations and help businesses save big.

Studies show that labor compromises 50% to 70% of a company’s warehousing budget. Since labor drains a lot of expenses, finding dependable devices and optimizing productivity is a huge priority. Without superior devices to help workers, businesses could risk being unprepared for seasonal demands and inflating labor costs. Control costs and create dependable efficiency when you…


  1. Rent reliable mobile devices in a solution that works for you - A rental device solution built for your business can help give you the dependable automation you need cost-effectively. Device rentals give you the accuracy and efficiency you need while also leveraging your budget. Cost-effective, reliable technology helps empower faster, accurate, and on-time orders when you need them the most to create scalable fulfillment.
  2. Upgrade connectivity to create a connected workforce - A workforce that collaborates when dependable connectivity can boost flexibility and manage disruptions. Flexible operations can help leverage your end-of-year budget because it manages high labor costs easier and ensures your workers can adapt to challenges. When your devices run smoothly on a secured network, productivity improves by at least 10%, downtime dips, and workers are more satisfied.
  3. Deploy a more powerful OS with consistent app upgrades - A powerful operating system with consistent app upgrades will secure your devices and empower workers. Safe devices that give your workers enhanced features help businesses leverage budgets and maintain scalable operations.
  4. Trade-in legacy devices to stay ahead of demands - A supply chain only works as well as its devices. Outdated devices can cause downtime spent repairing them and slow down productivity. Upgraded technologies on the other hand are purpose-built for challenging environments and equipped with new features to adapt to demands. Businesses empower more accurate data capture capabilities and long-lasting battery power when choosing to upgrade mobility solutions.

It’s imperative to implement these solutions and ways to control your budget if you notice that your business is facing these challenges:

  • Incomplete inventory visibility and management
  • Excessive spending on labor
  • Accidental redundancies and downtime                                                                          

As supply chain demands and labor costs rise, it’s important to find solutions that can help you control costs and manage demands. LEARN MORE about solutions that prioritize scalability and simplify modernization at the right price.