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May 18, 2020

Remember 2019, when you set your company’s goals for 2020 and you outlined the strategies to implement in order to achieve those goals? Good times, right? Well, it might be time to revisit those goals and strategies and maybe adjust for recent events. For while the current climate won’t last forever, it’s definitely had an impact on your team, your business, and your bottom line. Even though you might have been planning to evolve and upgrade your enterprise mobility solution this year, maybe you should focus on maximizing the value of the Cisco Meraki network you currently have in place. Heartland can help you with this.

Heartland is the leader in supply chain technology, delivering custom solutions to optimize workforces. In short, we give businesses a competitive edge when they need it. We are headquartered in McHenry, IL, and bring unparalleled experience in the design, monitoring and maximization of Meraki Networks.

We can assess your current network and ensure you’re utilizing its full potential, as well as suggest new ways to maximize its value.

Meraki is continually innovating its 100% cloud managed networking offerings to ensure you’re getting the simplest, most powerful features, with best-in-class security, that is optimized for the real world. Heartland has the expertise to tailor all its strength and innovation to help your team achieve your goals. We invite you to tap into our Meraki expertise for:

1. Site Surveys

We can perform an onsite assessment of your Meraki network operations by walk testing, auditing, and offering detailed analysis and diagnosis of your existing wireless network. We determine the optimal settings for your client devices and infrastructure, helping you achieve the best possible roaming performance.

2. Network Troubleshooting

We are unmatched in our ability to resolve problems and restore normal network operations within your network through the use of cutting edge tools and diagnostics, restoring your network quickly and getting operations running smoothly.

3. Network Design

Our team of experts can work with you to understand the scope of the Meraki network you need. Then we plan and design a wireless network solution that will deliver the required coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and quality of service for your operations.

In addition to helping you out with your networking and mobility solutions, we can also serve as your expert resource for questions you have concerning Cisco Meraki’s response to the current and new challenges we face. You’re not in this alone, and we encourage you to reach out to us at 866.708.5375 or or visit us at if we can be of assistance.

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