Heartland Introduces New Podcast - OpTech Insights

Jun 12, 2020

OpTech Insights Podcast Header

Last week, we launched a new podcast called OpTech Insights where Todd Greenwald, Heartland General Manager and podcast host, interviews industry experts to talk innovations, solutions and best practices that are driving change and success in business. 

Check out the episodes that have already dropped and learn more about what OpTech Insights is really about right here.

Apple Podcast - OpTech InsightsSpotify Podcast - OpTech Insights

Stitcher Podcast - OpTech Insightsdeezer - optech insights

googlepodcast - optech insightslistennotes - optech insights

podchaser - optech insightspodcast addict - optech insights

pandoraiheartradio - OpTech Insights


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