How Voice Automation Innovates Business Operations

How Voice Automation Innovates Business Operations

Dec 14, 2022

In a sea of revolutionizing technologies, voice-directed solutions are quickly gaining traction due to their ease-of-use and versatility. For example, voice technology helps guide a technician step by step for easy task completion and more consistent workflows in both a production line or asset inspection. As labor shortages persist, versatile and user-friendly technologies are only expected to grow in popularity. Furthermore, while voice automation improves processing speeds for faster shipping and inventory movement, it also provides a chance to accelerate asset maintenance and inspections to maximize asset availability.


By outlining step by step processes verbally, voice technology helps businesses service their assets quickly, protecting productivity from overbearingly long downtime. While asset maintenance is essential, repairing devices as quickly as possible to get them back into operation is just as important. Long repairs can impede enterprise efficiency because your workers don't have access to the enterprise technology they need. Voice technology reduces downtime that stems from long repairs with streamlined ease of use.


Understanding the Core of an Efficient Voice Solution

Voice technology frees mobile workers’ hands and eyes to maximize productivity and achieve faster service. Increase productivity and efficiency through innovative features such as:


  1. Rugged, noise-suppressing headsets - A challenging environment such as warehousing, manufacturing, and the cold chain can be challenging for your workers. The right voice technology helps minimize environmental challenges with a purpose-built, rugged design that withstands conditions.
  2. Directional microphones that deliver clear, crisp audio - When your workers complete tasks, voice technology lets them clearly and easily speak to the system to improve task management. Clear communication helps ensure proper task completion and smoother workflows.
  3. A wearable mobile device for easier flexibility - Shortages can also drain the ability to adapt to demands. Voice technology helps manage this by empowering workers with free motion and mobility to stay flexible during the demand season.
  4. Advanced software to integrate with your preferred host system - Elevated integration can streamline employee onboarding. Faster onboarding helps mitigate labor shortages by reducing training times and getting employees integrated faster.
  5. Wireless connection to digitized logs and records - When prompted, service technicians can upload photos using a device and get access to information to identify parts or explain processes. Flexible integration with other mobile devices with voice technology helps workers get the information they need to make informed decisions.


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