What to Expect from Your Site Survey

Dec 02, 2022

A wireless site survey is the physical inspection of a site by a network provider where wireless radio frequency or an RF network will be installed. Site surveys focus on assessing the environment to determine wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability, and quality of service. A comprehensive survey can help improve workforce communication, a vital component of maintaining supply chain productivity and efficiency. However, new surveys from business leaders and knowledge workers revealed that poor workplace communication is a prevalent problem. The study estimates that $1.2 trillion is lost annually among U.S. businesses due to poor communication, which amounts to approximately $12,506 per employee annually. Without a wireless site survey to establish consistent connectivity, a business could suffer from lost productivity and expenses from poor communication.


A proper wireless survey provides businesses with reports on the detailed aspects of your wireless Network's Infrastructure to build proper connectivity. The report should provide specific information about details like network traffic through packet loss and physical rates in your wireless infrastructure. You should expect a site survey from your provider to be equipped with the following services to manage wireless issues:

  • Deliver accurate information for access point locations for faster throughput
  • Provide detailed data rates and eliminate dead spots
  • Identify sources and locations of interference to manage network interference
  • Reveal coverage voids in existing deployment to reduce dropped signals and outages
  • Predictive and on-site surveys consolidated into a complete report


With the information you receive from a wireless site survey, you can troubleshoot existing problems and optimize your network for peak and efficient performance. A network that delivers optimal performance helps you get a higher level of communication to efficiently meet consumer expectations. Follow these solutions to ensure you get the right site survey for your network’s infrastructure and then continue to properly manage it for smooth operation:


  1. Comprehensive wireless site survey from experienced support - Access entire OEM portfolios alongside experienced technicians to find an adaptable yet cost-effective hardware solution for your enterprise with a comprehensive survey. Streamline communication with dependable technology providers so you can focus on integrating your preferred systems without multiple checkpoints.
  2. Enhanced network design and engineering - Work alongside experienced teams to create an implementation process that delivers the required services your network needs. Get expanded coverage, data rate, network capacity, and roaming capabilities to meet your business needs.
  3. Secured and easy network installation - An easy install can increase productivity by reducing downtime. Build your solution with cable system design, assisted installation, and project management services.
  4. Dependable network monitoring - Trust an experienced team to monitor your network and manage slow components so they can notify network administrators of any issues before they impact productivity. Anticipate outages and prevent downtime with complete visibility of your wireless systems from dependable monitoring and faster system restorations with advanced diagnostics.


A comprehensive site survey can manage wireless issues so your enterprise has uninterrupted communication and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about what you should expect from your wireless network.